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About Us

Building muscle shouldn't cost you a zillion dollars. Yet, it's no secret that to build muscle you need to workout, eat clean and usually take supplements. It's like you need to be a zillionaire to get jacked. And, the thing is: Companies know that these items are part of the fitness equation and are profiting big off of it.
It feels like sometimes balancing the fit life and your finances is a lose-lose scenario. You want to get fit and lean fast but that costs money. Then, on the flip-side you want to save money but you also don't want to look like a lard. It's a tough balance and we get that. The truth is,  it doesn't have to be this way.
Raised by a mother who is a self-proclaimed extreme couponer, Personal Trainer Pat Mullin, who is an avid saver himself, created Build Muscle On A Budget (BMB). It is a guide on how to get stronger without breaking the bank.
Personal finance and muscle building are two lifestyles built upon discipline and consistency. They are some of the most rewarding areas of life when done well and practiced daily. BMB is a way to help you get stronger with less stress and hassle by educating you with tips, tricks, and products so you aren't burning through all your cash.