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Welcome To Build Muscle On A Budget

Welcome To Build Muscle On A Budget

First, thank you for visiting our site! We are very excited to be launching this website and it is our hope that you truly benefit from it. With this being our first blog post, we want to take the time to tell you who we are and what we offer.

Build Muscle On A Budget is built on two principles: Saving money and building muscle! As you may know, each of those items comes with many different ways of accomplishing them.

Fitness and finances have many similarities when you think of it. They both take discipline, dedication, sacrifices, and serious effort to grow positively. The more effort you put into these area the more you get out of them!

Our focus will be to save you money in the fitness world by sharing where those deals and savings are to help you stay within budget. Along the way, we will also throw in some fitness and healthy living tips, so you can get to your goals faster.

When you think of budgeting you probably think of Dave Ramsey, Ramit Sethi, or your own favorite personal finance personality.

All of those people are fantastic and their work is great for getting you on track, but they generally cast a wide net and don't focus on one area of life.

As a personal trainer, I see all of the expenses some people get sucked into when it comes to their health and fitness and I want to help folks save money by avoiding those pitfalls while they are on their fitness journey.

My time as a personal trainer has enabled me to learn what not only works for your fitness, but also where the deals are for gym memberships, healthy foods, equipment, and more.

This is why Build Muscle On A Budget was born! I want to share this insider knowledge with you and help you get fit along the way. I'll be doing that with this blog, ebooks, handouts, products, and more.

It is my belief that fitness shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. You should be able to get into great shape without breaking the bank because we only get one body to live in and your body MUST be put into position to function well for longevity.

I have another belief that marketers are good. They are really good and they know how to get you and I to buy their products and yearn for more of them. With that said, a belief that fitness and healthy eating are expensive has become the norm. The truth is though that fitness and healthy living is not overly expensive and there are ways to succeed while sticking to a budget. There are several very inexpensive routes that even those in the worst shape financially can jump on to becoming healthy and fit.

This is what I want to show you in the coming weeks with this website and blog. I hope you will follow along with us and hopefully save yourself some money along the way!

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